Progress activities of Bamboo seedlings Production from Seeds

From October 2020, EPECOTGE Ltd have been implementing various activities related to the project entitled “ Provision,  plant and maintain of bamboo and agroforestry trees in Gicumbi District under FONERWA, On its overall objective  to improve soil stability and reduces river bank erosion and siltation in the rivers through bamboo plantation as well as improving tea quality through agroforestry.  

Therefore, the activities related to production of bamboo seedlings from seeds are going on in EPECOTGE Nursery installed in Gicumbi District, Mukarange Sector, Rugerero Cell in Ruziku Village.The picture below are illustrating some  activities which are carrying out and the health state of bamboo seedlings under production to be planted in season A-2021

Pricking out of seedlings activity (Transplantation of seedlings from seedbed to the pots filled with soil)

“Those picture  illustrating the pricking out activity (Transplanting of seedlings from seed bed to the pots) of the seedlings from seed bed in green house to the pots (Tubing) under well-constructed and shaded nursery with agriculture shade net.

Maintenance of seedlings after pricking out (Weeding)

Those pictures illustrating the weeding activities (removing unwanted plants from soil in pots) to the seedlings already transplanted in pots to against competition of seedlings and unwanted weeds from organic matter. This activity is applied simultaneously by application of organic manure to ensure a sufficient organic matter for seedlings growth.

Well germinated seedlings after being sown in seedbed inside  green house

EPECOTGE Project Coordinator made a field visit at Gicumbi District in Bamboo Nursery site under production of Bamboo seedlings from seeds