A Look at Horticulture Nursery Prepared by EPECOTGE Ltd in Mahama IWMP Project

Within 313 ha of land to be planted by horticulture (Fruits species: Mangoes, Avocados…) in Mahama Sector, Kirehe District under the project “Integrated Watershed Management Program (IWMP)”, EPECOTGE Ltd has prepared a well-developed horticulture trees nursery in a bid to improve the economic condition of the local population through practices of sowing fruit plants.

Varied fruit plants nursery has been set up

The fruit trees nursery is based in Munini Cell, Mahama Sector of Kirehe District.

It has been set up to provide quality seedlings of mango, citrus fruits, avocado, guava etc.

It was put in place in response to stakeholders’ desire to have improved variety of fruit plants in order to increase the harvest of fruit plants which wasn’t traditionally economical.

The nursery aims at provide economic and quality variety of fruit plants

Besides the fruit trees nursery set up in the area, EPECOTGE staff have been conducting awareness raising meetings in different cells of Mahama and Nyamugari.