ETI-MAHAMA: Construction of Irrigation infrastructure (valve chambers) is underway

The Government of Rwanda through the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI) has prioritized alternative ways of increasing agriculture production including taking advantage of irrigation facilities and different agricultural programs supported by irrigation schemes to modernize farming activities.

From above background MEGHA ENGINEERING & INFRASTRUCTURES LIMITED awarded from RAB the implementation of ETI project in Kirehe District / Mahama Sector (Lot-I), within this context EPECOTGE Ltd Subcontracted from Megha Engineering & Infrastructre Limited a work order for Construction of 441 Valve chambers in irrigation scheme distribution network in MAHAMA Sector (Lot-I), Kirehe District.

Excavation of valve chamber

Under this subcontract (Work order) implementation, the valve chambers are being constructed to control the flow of water through the whole irrigation scheme and to switch on and off water delivery to specific areas.

Currently 51 valve chambers are being constructed by following technical specifications as per provided to the contractor.


Setting out measurement of valve chamber size
Batching of concrete ingredients (sand & gravel)
Concrete testing cubes
Casting in blinding plain concrete